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LuckyBansko – a total brand experience update


Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax is among the best hotels in Bansko and Top 10 hotels in Bulgaria.

They had been struggling with their website site. Not only was managing it a chore, but it wasn’t converting at the rate it needed to.

Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax had quickly outgrown their website. Multiple tack-ons and fixes left the website looking inconsistent, and more importantly, was leaving room for conversions to dip. They had been struggling with converting visitors at the rate they needed to.

We helped Lucky Bansko assess key areas of the website with a conversion focused mind-set. We set out to transform the whole website and fully revamped the online booking system they had in place to accommodate multiple special offers, services and packages the hotel uses to personalize their offerings.


The Challenge

They came to us because their website was outdated and had grown to a point where the amount of information presented overwhelmed users. We had to figure out how to communicate a complex message without trying to say too much.

Our Goal:

To create a quick and easy way for their customers to find the most relevant product offering and turn those product offerings into robust, multi-media hubs of information.



The newly modern identity embraces the essence of lifestyle hospitality with fresh details that evoke the indulgence of full-service luxury staying/vacations. Through content strategy and user persona development, the AirDesigns team ensures the ideal user journey and higher rate of conversion. We helped Lucky Bansko increase conversions, average order value, and total sales.


Digital Strategy, UI/UX Design, Front & Back-end Development, Online Booking Management System