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Creating an enterprise look that’s increased qualified leads


As a process transformation company, Sutherland rethinks and rebuilds processes for the digital age. Sutherland employs thousands of professionals spanning 20 countries around the world.

Opened in 2008 in Sofia, Sutherland Bulgaria is a multi-lingual customer service hub and has since grown to more than 2000 employees in five different sites, three in Sofia, one in Burgas and one in Varna.


The Challenge

The BPO market faces a fierce competition and attracting the right employees is the key for success.

The challenge was to make the hiring and employment process easy providing enough resources for prospects to make the right choice.

Our Goal:

Creating a consistent and effective way to showcase the company as a preferred employer in the marketplace was our highest priority.

What we did

Implementing best-practices in User Experience Design, paired with analysis gathered in the discovery phase, the website was designed and developed to provide visitors with clear paths to conversion through organized content and extensive job search features, across all devices.

Users need to see job openings that best fit their criteria and potential job positions that are close to their expertise. We created a search experience with results that feature their chances. Doing so utilizes information that was gathered about the user and presents it to them in a way that is contextually relevant. This keeps expectations realistic and helps to showcase Sutherland as an employer that offer plenty of working opportunities for young and ambition people.


We helped Sutherland Global Bulgaria create an industry-leading online presence. Creating an enterprise look that’s increased qualified leads by 65%. The company opened 2 new locations and recruited about 800 new employees.


Digital Strategy, UI/UX Design, Front & Back-end Development, Job Application Management System