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How We Helped an Online Retail Brand to Increase Revenue By 129%

Omni-Channel Experience


A Changing Retail Landscape

Kidso is an ecommerce platform selling clothes and products for kids. They were operating in a very competitive market, and they felt that established brands threatened their domination and future growth.

Kidso realized that if they refuse to modernize their online platform, automate business processes and adopt omnichannel retailing, they risk being left behind and losing customers to competitors who are being proactive.

“We had many outdated and end-of-life systems and knew if we were going to continue to grow the business, we needed to modernize our platform,” said Kidso’s CEO

Along with that, they were planning to launch their first offline store, so a new unified platform serving as a hub for all their business activities – online and offline – was a must. It was AirDesigns’ mission to upgrade Kidso’s online presence to deliver a highly-functional, intuitive user experience that encompassed the ethos of the company with smart navigation and a heavy focus on customer loyalty.

Enabling e-commerce and technology-driven growth

Kidso, as a business with an outdated e-commerce website, was looking to go a step further and leverage technology to grow and evolve their business.

The online retailer was seeking to fuse their ecommerce site and brick-and-mortar store into a seamless shopping experience.

They looked at multiple ecommerce design companies to find a reliable technology partner. After considering options, they selected AirDesigns, the digital commerce consultancy, to work with them to analyze their current business, and facilitate their digital transformation.

“AirDesigns brought their IT and business development expertise to the table. They dove deep to analyze our business, business processes, marketing strategy, and website and impressed us with a detailed and thorough proposal.

Valentin was our Project Manager. We couldn’t have done this without him. He helped us understand what this entire process entailed from start to finish, and what we needed to do in the correct order to achieve it.”

Solution: unmatched customer experience coupled with improved businesses processes

When the online retailer came to us, it was clear that their current platform and infrastructure weren’t meeting their growing needs. The user journey wasn’t intuitive, which made it hard for users to search and shop online. Furthermore, they were limited in creating rich content experiences that would allow them to share all their knowledge and expertise.

It was obvious, they were experiencing online growth with a platform that was unable to scale. The opportunities were plentiful, and we knew we were the right partner to help Kidso seize them.

We built an e-commerce platform that focuses on customer experience and personalization.  We also helped them digitalize their business by optimizing and automating as many as possible business processes:

  • Modern design with a new look and feel, better communicating their brand messages.
  • Speed, performance, and usability optimization for desktop and mobile devices
  • Personalized customer experience at every step – the new website gives their shoppers a seamless and consistent experience across channels and devices – no matter if their customers are shopping online from a mobile device, a laptop, or in their brick-and-mortar store.
  • Integration with an ERP system – managing inventory, orders, warehouses, accounting, shipments, CRM, and more in one system was a central point in their digitalization. When business data and logic is not housed in one, unified database, it’s easier to distribute conflicting information accidentally  
  • Automated business operations and processes in the following areas: customer experience and support, marketing, order management, and inventory
  • Improved the checkout process and offered various purchase options, such as
    – Buy online, pick up in-store
    – Buy in-store, choose home delivery
    – Buy online, get home delivery
  • A special digital platform that helps salespeople in-store. If a customer walks into their store, they’ll find sales associates armed with iPads that are available to give on-the-spot, up-to-date product information. If it appears that something is not available at the store at the moment, the staff can instantly place an online order for the customer to have the item shipped directly to their home.

Achieving big results with a small team

Together with Kidso, AirDesigns was able to launch a modern, omni-channel commerce solution that helps them run their business more efficiently and smoothly – without growing their workforce.

Kidso’s feedback on their web and brick-and-mortar store has been overwhelmingly positive, but it’s the adoption from customers that speaks to the power of the experience most clearly. The benefits of investing in the platform include:

  • Higher adoption from different devices (with mobile orders making up 60% of the business)
  • 65% reduction in negative customer service thanks to a higher volume of online self-service adoption and improved customer experience
  • 37% increase in conversation rate
  • Stronger SEO and online marketing capabilities
  • Better inventory accuracy and a reduction in order errors

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