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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a website in 2020 may vary between 2,700 EUR and 55,000 EUR and over. (We also wrote an article “What is the Cost of Building an Ecommerce Website in 2020?”)

EcommerceCost (min)Cost (max)
WooCommerce2,700 EUR15,900 EUR
Prestashop / Opencart4,220 EUR27,800 EUR
Magento5,470 EUR35,800 EUR
Custom PHP8,700 EUR56,300 EUR

* The numbers don`t include product entries or data migration

E-commerce website development price for a project of that size can vary between 2,700 EUR and 36,000 EUR.

Take a look at some of the frequently requested pages and features of a not so complex ecommerce website to take an idea.

Custom solutions are a good option for large e-commerce websites, that have to be well-architected to sustain high loads and rank well on search engines. This allows a lot of customisations and integrations with 3rd party tools

Custom e-commerce website development price can vary between 8,700 EUR and 56,000+ EUR

If your goal is just to sell some stuff out of your garage, then no, that is not for you.

However, if your goal is to build a brand by attracting people across a broad customer base so that they can be converted into potential customers, then yes, the benefits typically outweigh the costs.

Why? What are the benefits for you?

Stronger brand - when you’re in the business of selling an Ecommerce product, it’s all about your brand. While your business offering may or may not be better than your competition, the strength of your brand is what gets people to purchase your product.

Optimal Customer Experience – if all other factors are equal, whoever provides better customer experience will win.

Back-end Automation - save time and improve efficiencies by optimizing a lot of your business functions using a tailor-made website.

Conversion + Return On Investment - the core purpose of a business website is to attract people and convert them into customers. Professionally redesigning your ecommerce website will draw more potential customers to your site, provide a better customer experience once they’re there, save time and improve efficiencies by automating functionalities, and ultimately convert more visitors into business.

See how you can easily estimate the cost of the redesign of your existing ecommerce website.

If you want to make sure your products rank well in search engines, it's essential to make sure that your ecommerce website is optimized for search engines. The truth is that there are many aspects of the SEO optimization that are technical and those technical issues need to be addressed before a site can truly succeed.

The following SEO packages are included in the calculator price and part of the web design and development process:

Basic SEO

It includes all basics you need to get you website start listed in all major search engines and includes basic things like:

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Image size optimization
  • Some automation rules for meta description
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster tools setup
  • XML Sitemap
  • Robots.txt

Advanced SEO

This is a good option when you need a strong SEO on your website. It includes all things from the Economy package plus

  • Keyword Optimisation
  • Titles, Headlines, and Meta tags optimization
  • Image Alt tags optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Rich snippet implementation
  • Schema markup addition
  • Website speed optimization

Yes, please see our 100+ Must-Have Ecommerce Features Plus Tips, Trends, & Examples, where we get more information to help you plan your ecommerce.

There are several additional website expenses you’ll definitely face.

You need web hosting to store your website’s files and a domain name - the address of your website that people type in the browser’s URL bar to visit your website.

Web Hosting - 75 EUR to 200 EUR yearly

In simple terms, hosting is a service that keeps your website accessible on the internet 24/7/365. Hosting providers impact the loading time of your website.

Remember, this price is for small ecommerce websites. Once you start to grow, you will need a much better solutions to handle the amount of traffic.

So don’t forget to include hosting expenses to website monthly cost.

Domain registration - 5 EUR to 15 EUR yearly

The website’s domain name is a unique address. You can see in the address bar of your browser. To access a specific website, each of them has it’s own address called domain name. You can register it on dedicated services.

The domain name should definitely be included in the cost of a website.


Just like any mechanism the code has to be maintained. The website maintenance includes making sure everything functions just fine and users don’t face any problems and bugs.

Price - The average cost to maintain an ecommerce website can range from 700 EUR to 12,000 EUR yearly.