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Expand Capabilities for Expanding Markets


Trendo is one of the largest fashion marketplaces in Bulgaria, with over 40 brands and 50000 products to shop for, ranging from clothing, shoes, accessories, home, and more.

The Challenge

The company’s internal developers succeeded in building a positive web experience for users. Getting into new markets was a new way to reach more users, but it also posed a new challenge for Trendo, which lacked enough internal resources to upgrade the existing platform with multistore functionality.

The company needed to expand its development capabilities quickly while maintaining the culture of teamwork that was critical to customer engagement and its product’s success thus far.

So the AirDesign team was challenged to synchronize their work with the internal team, to quickly understand how the existing platform work and build the multistore on it.

The Goal

The multistore had to keep all the flexibility that was the foundation of the existing platform but expanding in a way that will make it easy for the website content manager to customize every brand/store if and when it is necessary.

The multistore had to accommodate as many languages and brands as needed

The multistore had to be managed by a single administrator.
Any brand/store had to have its own identity and currency.
Each brand /store could use the same products, categories, ordering, promotions, color scheme, etc. or all of these elements could be adjusted individually for each brand/store.

The solution

In three months, AirDesigns had a working version. The solution we offered was far beyond what Trendo had imagined. Through the new built-in functionality, they had the flexibility to use the same promotions for all brand stores or just for a particular store. They could have the same catalogs of goods across all stores, or stop products from displaying for a particular market. The product ordering in categories could vary from store to store, etc.

In other words, Trendo had full control over any aspect of the different stores which was their ultimate goal.

Staying at the top of game

As the Trendo online store continues to drive engagement and sales, Trendo demonstrates how quickly scaling a team’s capabilities does not have to compromise communication quality, positive team dynamics, or the quality of its product. With its expanded presence on new markets, Trendo can continue to provide individuals with fashion and other products.

Trendo is not going to settle on its current level of success. A constant push for innovation and improvement means that Trendo is looking at a number of new ideas for its business in next twelve months.