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Project Management

Project Management Service That Delivers

In the business world today business leaders need a new framework for staying in control and keeping up with the velocity of change

Agile is the way successful companies are doing this.

Our agile software development service enables successful digital innovation by giving your AirDesigns team the flexibility you need to quickly adjust to changes in features, requirements, timeline, or budgets.

Commitment to Agile

There are no bad or intricate projects yet simply inefficient project managers. Project Managers guarantee the ideal utilization of all assets despite the obstacles that may happen as we move through the Discovery, User Experience, and Build phases of a project.

We all know how it works - every project changes between inception and completion. You need an agile software company that can effortlessly pivot as the need arises and has a proven process to reduce risk while driving innovation forward.

With our agile project management, we simply integrate timely course corrections into active development while maintaining forward momentum and progress – that is the beauty of the agile methodology.

Our Agile Project Management includes

Setting project goals

Task assignment

Handling the tradeoff of schedule vs scope

Adapting to changing project requirements

Setting priorities for product features

Daily detail management

Progress reporting

Quality control

Delegate Your Project

Experts in Agile software development, our project managers, business analysts and certified scrum masters serve as liaisons communicating your product vision with our technical team.

As your point-of-contact, our project managers map out the scope of your project, forecast the progress and break tasks into managed releases that are in line with schedule and project cost goals. With transparency as the core of our company culture, you are continuously involved as your product develops.

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