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Welcome to Ecommerce Empire Series

Ecommerce Empire is not a free course or blog series. This is a real-world business experience that challenges you to make a $1M e-commerce store in a year. We will add new resources and guides every week, so stay tuned.

Some people go their entire lives without earning a million dollars, so it sounds crazy that some businesses might be able to achieve this milestone within their first year. But it is possible. Plenty of companies have accomplished this goal, and you can too!

The future of ecommerce is incredibly bright. But, starting an ecommerce business is hard work and demands many steps and decisions that need to come together at the right time.

It’s no secret that startups and business owners are under pressure. They have to meet or beat their goals and carve a path to success, week by week, quarter by quarter, year over year.

Reading about tactics and testing them out, isn’t effective.

Success is predictable when you use data, do your math, and follow proven marketing strategies.

We’ve put together everything we’ve learned working with startups and more prominent ecommerce brands in this Ecommerce Empire series to teach you how to make the most of limited resources and invest in the products and marketing tactics that drive the most revenue and growth. We’ll share every little secret that we’ve learned to increase your chances of long term success.

This series will teach you everything you need to build, launch, and grow a profitable online store in 6 weeks, and it won’t take more than 2.5 hours a week to learn it.

Best of all, it will include calculators, worksheets, templates, and PDFs to make your life easier.

And of course, all for free. 😉

Plus, Valentin and I will build a $1M ecommerce from scratch in front of you following every step we teach and we will share the experience with you.

Not just pure theory and examples from our clients, but a real-world experience with its ups and downs, failures, and successes.

Our ultimate goal is to help you turn your startup ecommerce business into a venture that makes at least $1M00 in one year.

Why $1M?

When we make big goals, we take big actions.

We’ve set the goal for $1M in total revenue in the first year of your business because you should make sure that your ecommerce business has the potential of making $1M. If it doesn’t, you will end up running a business that won’t be able to grow and scale.

Big goals are scary to many of us. We may think that we can’t attain them. We look at a big goal, and then we look back at ourselves and where we are right now, and we think, “what is the point of setting a goal like that? I can never attain it.” The reality is that in many cases, we don’t know what we are actually capable of achieving until we try. We don’t know our limits until we actually test them.

Perhaps you won’t make it in the first year. But with our proven growth formula: Planning, Budgeting, Design & Technology, Markеting, Analyzing, Optimizing, and Automation, you will significantly increase the chances that your business venture will succeed.

Why now?

E-commerce is booming. If you want to create an online business, this is the right time to dive deep into the ecommerce waters.

Who are we?

We are Valentin and Elena, the co-founders of AirDesigns, a full-service web agency. In the last six years, we’ve been working with big and small ecommerce brands creating between 5-6 new sites every month and separately managing advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn for our clients.

This variety of projects puts us in a unique position. We’ve developed an in-depth knowledge of both the technical implementation of the ecommerce websites and their business part.

And we’d love to share this knowledge with you.

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Changing the world. One Ecommerce at a Time.

Read this series. Go through every step of the process along with us and you will see yourself accomplish great things.

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Talk to you very very soon!

Here’s an overview of topics we will cover:

1. Choose Products to Sell

  • Find Products
  • Evaluate Products
  • Research Market
  • Evaluate Competition
  • Source Products

2. Launch the Business

  • Business Plan
  • Business Setup
  • Brand Identity
  • Leadership
  • Management

3. Build the Store

  • Design & Content
  • Catalog, Payments, Shipping, Taxes
  • Operations
  • Analytics & KPIs
  • Store Launch

4. Grow the Store

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Attract Audience
  • Engage Audience
  • Acquire Customers
  • Delight Customers

5. Optimize the Store

  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Customer Experience
  • Optimization & A/B Testing
  • Growth Tactics
  • Multi-Channel Retailing
Elena Velikova

Elena Velikova

Co-founder & CEO

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